How can we help?

We have designed this Fabric Selector to enable potential customers, who have had a Quotation from us, to order free samples of fabrics they would like to see. Therefore, when ordering your samples you will need to include the 'Quotation Reference' you will have received from our Sales Team.


Price Bands

We've collated all of our fabrics into 5 different PRICE BANDS ranging from our least expensive (and most popular!) fabrics in PRICE BAND 1, to our most expensive fabrics in PRICE BAND 5. If you are looking for a fabric on an even tighter budget then take a look at our OUTDOOR STANDARD option. If you are looking for something bright and colourful, check out our range of PRINTED BAND 2 fabrics. We also have a range of READY MADE SCATTERS available to purchase without any wait!. You can also filter out the fabrics that may be of interest by colour, design etc.

Please note: Our higher Price Band fabrics are not necessarily better quality; they are just more 'exclusive' and thus cost more for us to purchase. Price Bands 1 fabrics are still high quality, and as they are our most popular fabrics, we are able to pass on to you the cost savings we enjoy by us buying them in greater quantities than our higher Price Band fabrics.

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